We are a property development company in Madison, WI. We are passionate. We are a team of dreamers, problem solvers and builders. We are changing our city's landscape through high quality, design-driven development. We build places that inspire.


Creative Homes is distinguished by its attention to detail and creative designs. We create value by designing and building innovative residences. We have challenged ourselves to produce spaces that demand a reaction.


We mesure our success by producing extraordinary architecture and design that yield impressive returns to our investors, satisfy the high standards of our team and foster mutually beneficial partnerships with our consultants.


We believe in great design. Great design is art. Great design is curious. Great design asks “why” and doesn’t give up until the answer is something beautiful. By centering our design process around a singular big idea the final product is always inspired.




Each project has its unique needs but we approach all nearly the same. To get the best results we have laid out our plan of action. We make sure every project is done as efficient as possible. And fits your wants and needs.


Every Creative Homes project is started with a single Idea to create around. We use a single idea so it appears as the house is one. Your home is your sanctuary. Here at Creative Homes we don’t just through a bunch of ideas together we concept one great idea to build you Home around. One creative idea to fuel your creative home. It’s your home and we want to do it right.


At Creative Homes we don’t just build and restore homes, we create hand crafted professional level abodes for you and you loved ones to live out their fulfilling life. A home is more than just a word to us. Your home is where you are happy and we want to make sure you feel that way too. We make sure that all of your homes are built correctly with the most care.


Do you like what you see? Get in touch with us. We will be happy to plan out our next project

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239 E. Main Street, Madison, Wi