One app.



Remember events, ideas, and everyday plans with Parrot.

Save time with one app


Parrot makes modern life manageable by letting you collect and find everything important.

Parrot makes it easier to remember ideas, articles, appointments, or even pictures. Big or small Parrot archive and list anyhing you need remembered. Alarms and updates for your life, long-term or short.

A new type of routine

Any device anytime

We use the cloud so you can keep your schedule in check on any device anywhere you may need to access your information.

Simple to use

Just hold the big round button say or type your activity, time and date, and category.

More you time

No need to remember things, take some time and spend it on yourself.


Why spend time learning an app, parrot is so simple.

The simple and easy to use interface makes balancing your life and schedule as easy as one, two, three. Just hold the button speak your activity/ time and date, and place in a category. Relax and let Parrot handle the rest.


Parrots simple interface makes looking at your lists easy.

Parrot is designed to make life easier. Doing so, we designed the app so you can simply understand it. This app can be understood by anybody from a young child to your grandfather.


Make it your own, customize you lists.

All content is editable and customizable to personalize and make your own. It's your lists and your space; throw some of your personality in. Parrot is meant to be a part of you.

like never

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