It's very important to be proud of
my work and to overcome all
creative challenges.

To accomplish the above statement, I follow these main principals on all projects:
always do my best, push boundaries where I can and solve all challenges.

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My Work

My Work

My Work

work image shift

Shift Media House

Craft CMS / Motion Design / Front-end Development / Creative Direction

Shift Media House is a full-service agency with an emphasis on storytelling. We partnered up to create a website that better displayed their values and brand as a whole. Throughout this process, we had one main objective: To create something we both thought was rad.

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work image timlins

Timlins Furniture

Creative Direction / Design / Front-end Development / Craft CMS

Timlins sells furniture with a personal touch. They take great pride in offering every customer the personal assistance they need. I partnered up with Shift Media House to give this Husband and Wife duo a website that would feature their unique personal approach and display their services.

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work image madison investment

Madison Investment

Craft CMS / Front-end Development / Creative Direction

Madison is an independent firm whose distinct style of investing seeks consistent returns through tumultuous markets. Teaming up with Art & Sons we wanted to create something that was professional and personal but also simple and modern. A site that matched their brand as well as their buildings architecture.

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work image jump

Jump Coffee

Creative Direction / Design / UI / UX / Prototyping

Jump! Coffee connects you to local independent coffee shops to let you order and pay-ahead, so your order is waiting for you when you get there. We needed to a balance between finding the fewest steps possible while maintaining customizability in the ordering process, maintaining simplicity while creating something that was intuitive and fun to use.

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work image digital control inc

Digital Control

Craft CMS / Front-end Development / Creative Direction / API

DCI is the industry leader in walkover guidance system for installing underground utilities. Working with Design By Cosmic we created a hybrid between tech and construction, that better represented the company as a professional industry leader and quality product.

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work image instrumental


Craft CMS / Front-end Development / Motion Design / Creative Direction

Instrumental is a cloud-based data layer that aggregates images from the manufacturing line and provides real-time defect detection and failure analysis. Working with Design By Cosmic we wanted to create something that was both industrial and simple. With an overlying goal of being interesting to use.

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work image ziva

Ziva Wearable

Creative Direction / Design / Front-end Development

Aria is a startup committed to creating classic, smart jewelry from the finest material. They believe technology should be invisible. Working for TheoryThree Interactive our goal was to create a website that could capture simplicity and fashion of the Ziva bracelet.

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work image madison motion

Madison Motion

Craft CMS / Front-end Development / Design

Madison Motion is a video and motion graphics studio located in Madison, WI. They needed a website that would make them stand out from the competition and be relatable to his work. This site, like many, start with one main goal: Let's create something we both this is amazing.

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work image thirdspace

Third Space

Creative Direction / Design / Front-end Development

An online interaction center for your employees. They solve the core problems of employee onboarding, capturing knowledge, and culture. Working for TheoryThree Interactive we created a temporary(prelaunch) site that we are still proud of.

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work image theorythree


Design / Craft CMS / Front-end Development

TheoryThree Interactive is a digital design/development studio located in Madison, Wi. During my time at T3, we decided to take up a blog. Although we never made many posts, it was a project I really enjoyed creating.

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